We Snap In Silence

 I come in contact with countless women, married and single, who feel they are alone in their feelings of dissatisfaction and inadequacy as a wife and mother.

For various reasons, women are not comfortable revealing these emotions openly, so it's kept a secret. Because it's a secret, our true self is masked. We hide behind makeup with a perfectly painted smile. We have mastered the game of charades. We build walls around our emotions by isolating ourselves from others, pouring into our jobs or school, working out, and sometimes we fill our plates with church ministry and volunteer work. Our goals and dreams are also used to camouflage our emotions. Of course we don't feel this way all the time, but each of us has experienced these feelings at some point in our life.

It's time to take off the mask and be real!

Trash Thoughts

I was a spiritual hypocrite playing the flesh card. If I claim to be a Believer, what's up with the trash thoughts I have?

 Foreword by 
Pastor Lonnie D.Wesley III
Pensacola, FL

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 Trash Thoughts Review

Read your book this morning and WOW! I found the entire piece interesting and insightful. My applause to you for having the courage to dive in to the nasty battleground of the mind and expose the tools each of us have, but don't use, to win such a battle. It really is a war and to win it, as in any conflict, it takes communication, sacrifice, and will. But often times we choose to ignore even the existence of the enemies within that prevent us from achieving success in whatever we do. I agree that it is a "sink or swim" situation we are in with our minds and our fear of silence and oneness with ourselves is evidenced by societies fascination with voyeuristic reality shows, and peoples eyes glued to cell phone screens.

I completely agree with the "garbage in - garbage out" philosophy. How can we fight our own personal battles when we are so cluttered. You've encouraged me to clean out my mess, as soon as I build up the courage to inventory my own character!

Thank you and can't wait for your next book!

Donnie Winn, FL

Introduction - "We Snap in Silence"

If you have never had a bad day, this book may not be for you. If you have it all together as a woman, are completely satisfied in your marriage, and have children that never ruffle your feathers, I encourage you to pass this book on to a friend. On the other hand, if you desire to experience fulfillment as a woman, wife, and mother while maintaining your peace of mind, continue reading!

     This book begins by revealing a secret women share and as senseless as it sounds, we attempt to hide this secret from one another. We may never publicly admit it, but there are days we feel little value and worth in ourselves. As mother, there are days we feel we are about to lose our minds. As wives, we share days of feeling unloved and sometimes used. We go to work everyday, whether in the home or outside the home, as if everything in our life is okay. We care for our children hoping they won't see the pain we mask. Some of us go to church Sunday after Sunday, silently suffering in the pews. To put it plainly, we play the game of charades. The object of the game of charades is to find the appropriate game face for your particular situation and wear it to the best of your ability. Not only does playing the game welcome unnecessary stress in our life, but the pressure to play may cause us to snap...in silence.

    Women are hurting, always tired, and often stressed out as wives and mothers. We burn the candle at both ends, yet rarely speak of it. When we are together, we laugh and swap comical stories about our children and life in general. We say very little about our husbands and go home feeling good about how well we played the game. Being a woman is a high-pressure job and I can't think of one high pressure job that isn't accompanied by stress - the roles of wife and mother are no exception. Mothers have been overlooked long enough: wives can hardly help themselves but are called to be helpmates. This book not only exposes our shared secret, but also will help our families, friends, and mothers-to-be recognize the challenges endured on the journey of womanhood and teach them how to help us avoid snapping in silence.